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 In-situ operando synchrotron X-ray diffraction

5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry

Lukin, S.; Tireli, M.; Stolar, T.; Barišić, D.; Blanco, M. V.; Di Michiel, M.; Užarević, K.; and Halasz, I. Isotope labeling reveals fast atomic and molecular exchange in mechanochemical milling reactions. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 1212−1216.

5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry (Format as in JACS: include all authors, title and DOI with hyperlink)

Vaughan, G. B. M.; Baker, R.; Barret, R.; Bonnefoy, J.; Buslaps, T.; Checchia, S.; Duran, D.; Fihman, F.; Got, P.; Kieffer, J.; Kimber S. A. J.; Martel, K.; Morawe, C.; Mottin, D.; Papillon, E.; Petitdemange, S.; Vamvakeros, A.; Vieux, J.-P.; and Di Michiel, M. ID15A at ESRF – a beamline for high speed operando X-ray diffraction, diffraction tomography and total scattering. J. Syncrotron Rad. 2020, 27, 515-528.


Finegan, D. P.; Vamvakeros, A.; Tan, C.; Heenan, T. M. M.; Daemi, S. R.; Seitzman, N.; Di Michiel, M.; Jacques, S.; Beale, A. M.; Brett, D. J. L.; Shearing, P. R.; and Smith, K. Spatial quantification of dynamic inter and intraparticle crystallographic heterogeneities withinlithium ion electrodes. Nat. Commun. 2020, 11, 631


Li, T.; Heenan, T. M. M.; Rabuni, M. F.; Wang, B.; Farandos, N. M.; Kelsall, G. H.; Matras, D.; Tan, C.; Lu, X.; Jacques, S. D. M.; Brett, D. J. L.; Shearing, P. R.; Marco Di Michiel; Beale, A. M.; Vamvakeros, A.; and Li, K. Design of next-generation ceramic fuel cells and real-time characterization with synchrotron X-ray diffraction computed tomography. Nat. Commun. 2019, 10, 1497


Liu, L.; Rojac, T.; Damjanovic, D.; Di Michiel, M.; and Daniels, J.  Frequency-dependent decoupling of domain-wall motion and lattice strain in bismuth ferrite. Nat Commun. 2018, 9, 4928


Vamvakeros, A; Jacques, S.D.M.; Di Michiel, M.; Matras, D.; Middelkoop, V.; Ismagilov, I. Z.; Matus, E. V.; Kuznetsov, V. V.; Drnec, J.; Senecal, P.; and Beale, A. M. 5D operando tomographic diffraction imaging of acatalyst bed. Nat. Commun. 2018, 9, 4751


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Primary focus in mechanochemical research 

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  • Université de Montpellier & Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier (UMR 5253)
    c/o 8, Rue de l’Ecole Normale
    34296 Montpellier, Cedex 5 (France)

  • +33 (0)4 67 14 43 10
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