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·       Friction

·       Chemistry


·       Deformation

·       Damage


·       Interface



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My scientific field is Tribology and especially mechanochemical interaction during contact interaction. Mechanochemical reactions play a central role in tribochemistry and the consequent formation of anti-wear or friction-reducing films. Tribochemical reactions are crucially important to solve tribological problems. The normal and shear stresses are able to accelerate the rates of chemical reactions of adsorbates on surfaces. These stresses coplanar with the thermal reaction accelerate the tribochemical reactions on contact surfaces. The analytical models for stress- assisted surface chemical reaction kinetics and their difficulties and limitations will be analyzed. The effect of the activation barrier on the rate of thermally activated transitions during mechanochemical interaction in the interface of contact surface will be considered. the influence of an external force on lowering the activation barrier is straightforward.



5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry (

1.     I. Popov, A. Moshkovich, T. Bendikov, L. Rapoport, Deformation Microstructure and Ch Composition of Surface Layers of Cu and Al Under Friction in Lubricated

Conditions, Trib. Lett. (2018) 66:78 (11 pages)

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5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry 

1.     Popov, A. Moshkovich, S. R. Cohen, V. Perfilyev, A. Vakahy, L Rapoport, Microstructure and nanohardness of Ag and Ni under friction in boundary Lubrication, Wear 404–405 (2018) 62–70.

2.     A. Moshkovich, V. Perfilyev, I. Lapsker, Y. Feldman, L. Rapoport Study of the transition from EHL to BL regions under friction of Ag and Ni.

I.  Analysis of acoustic emission. Tribology Int'l., 113, 2017 (189-196).

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4.        V. Perfilyev, A. Moshkovich, I. Lapsker, A. Laikhtman, L. Rapoport

Dislocation structure and stick-slip phenomenon             Tribology Letters, 55(2), 2014 (295-301)


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