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Universitaetsstrasse 150,44801 Bochum, Germany



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Key words 


·         porous

·         polymer


·         Raman

·         carbon


·         catalysis



 Areas of Research/Expertise

We are developing mechanochemical pathways towards porous carbons, polymers and framework materials. We elucidate catalytic reactions in ball mills by various in situ characterization techniques.

5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry 

1.       Christian G. Vogt, Sven Grätz, Stipe Lukin, Ivan Halasz, Martin Etter, Jack D. Evans, Lars Borchardt, Direct Mechanocatalysis: Palladium as Milling Media and Catalyst in the Mechanochemical Suzuki Polymerization, Angewnadte Chemie, (2020) 58, 52, 18942.

2.       Grätz, S., Beyer, D., Tkachova, V., Hellmann, S., Berger, R., Feng, X., & Borchardt, L. The mechanochemical Scholl reaction–a solvent-free and versatile graphitization tool. Chemical Communications, (2018), 54(42), 5307-5310.

3.       Zhang, E., Hao, G. P., Casco, M. E., Bon, V., Grätz, S., & Borchardt, L. Nanocasting in ball mills– combining ultra-hydrophilicity and ordered mesoporosity in carbon materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry A., (2018), 6, 859-865.

4.       Grätz, S., Wolfrum, B., & Borchardt, L. Mechanochemical Suzuki polycondensation-from linear to hyperbranched polyphenylenes. Green Chemistry, (2017), 13, 2973-2979

5.       Troschke, E., Grätz, S., Lübken, T., & Borchardt, L. Mechanochemical Friedel–Crafts Alkylation—A Sustainable Pathway Towards Porous Organic Polymers. Angewandte Chemie 129 (24), 6963-6967



5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry 

1.     Borchardt, L., Leistenschneider, D., Haase, J., & Dvoyashkin, M. Diffusion: Revising the Concept of Pore Hierarchy for Ionic Transport in Carbon Materials for Supercapacitors. Advanced Energy Materials, (2018), 8(24), 1870108.

2.     Fulik, N., Hippauf, F., Leistenschneider, D., Paasch, S., Kaskel, S., Brunner, E., & Borchardt, L. Electrolyte mobility in supercapacitor electrodes–Solid state NMR studies on hierarchical and narrow pore sized carbons. Energy Storage Materials, (2018), 12, 183-190.

3.     Borchardt, L., Oschatz, M. and Kaskel, S., Carbon Materials for Lithium Sulfur Batteries—Ten Critical Questions. Chem. Eur. J., (2016), 22, 7324

4.     Borchardt, L., Casco, M. E., & Silvestre-Albero, J. Methane Hydrate in Confined Spaces: An

Alternative Storage System. ChemPhysChem, (2018), 19(11), 1298-1314.

5.  Casco, M. E., Zhang, E., Grätz, S., Krause, S., Bon, V., Wallacher, D., Grimm, N., Többens, D.M., Hauß, T. & Borchardt, L. Experimental Evidence of Confined Methane Hydrate in Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Model Carbons. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2019), 123(39), 24071-24079.

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