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University of Tuzla, Faculty of Technology Department of  Organic


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Associate Professor



Urfeta Vejzagica 8, Tuzla 75000, Bosnia and Herzegovina



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Key words


   green chemistry

   organic synthesis


   catalytic reactions

   biopolymers





Areas of Research/Expertise

Jasmin Suljagic  is a professor of organic chemistry at Faculty of Technology, University of Tuzla. The area of expertise relates to transition-metal catalysis, synthesis and characterization of various catalysts and the application of palladium in organic reactions (Heck and Oxidative Heck reaction). This includes  the structural (NMR, FTIR, SEM) characterization of catalysts.

The researcher have also an experience in  biopolymer-surfactant, biopolymer-biological fluids interactions and characterization and modifications of biopolymers surfaces. Very important aspects of research are also the studies of interactions between surfaces and macromolecules in water, adhesion of macromolecules on lipid layers and interactions between microorganisms and material surfaces.

5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry

1.         A. L. Gottumukkala, J.Suljagić, K.Matcha, J. G. de Vries, A. J. Minnaard, Efficient Formation of Benzylic Quaternary Centers via Palladium Catalysis, Chemsuschem

2013 .1636-16394 p.



5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry

 1.  J. Suljagić, A. Juranovič, M. Krivec, K. Kranjc, M.Kočevar; Chloranil as an Efficient Oxidant of the Cyclohexadiene Intermediates Formed by a Cycloaddition of Substituted 2H-Pyran-2-ones  and  Styrenes  En  Route  to  the  Boscalid  Derivatives,  Journal  of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2016.

2.  M.  Salihović,  M.  Pazalja,  I.  Mahmutović-Dizdarević,  A.  Jerković-Mujkić,  J.Suljagić, S.Špirtović-Halilović, A. Šapčanin: Synthesis, DFT study and antimicrobial activity of Schiff bases derived from benzaldehydes and amino acids, Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 2018, Vol. 11 (3).

3.  M. Suljkanović, E. Nurković, J. Suljagić: Influence of Nonionic Surfactants as Competitive Carriers in Bulk Liquid Membrane Transport of Metal Cations Using Macrocyclic Ligands, Journal   of   Chemical,   Biological   and   Physical   Sciences 2018,   Vol. 8, 77-89.

4.  E.Horozic,   J.Suljagić,   M.Suljkanović:   Synthesis,   characterization,   antioxidant   and antimicrobial  activity  of  Copper(II)  complex  with  Schiff  base  derived  from 2,2- dihydroxyindane-1,3-dione and Tryptophan. American Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 9(1), 9-13. DOI:  10.5923/j.ajoc.20190901.02


5.  E. Horozić, Z. Ademović, J. Suljagić, A. Cipurković, E.Roša, A.Sejfić, D. Husejnagić, S. Hodžić:  Synthesis,  spectral  characterization,  antibacterial  and  antifungal  activity  of copper(II)-pABA Complex,  Technologica Acta 2019 12(1), 27-30. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3268784

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Primary focus in mechanochemical research 

  Pd synthesis


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  • Université de Montpellier & Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier (UMR 5253)
    c/o 8, Rue de l’Ecole Normale
    34296 Montpellier, Cedex 5 (France)

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