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 Research activity in the domain of green organic synthesis and processing, these studies have paved the way for new, non-conventional energy source driven synthetic procedures (microwaves, ultrasound, hydrodynamic cavitation, mechanochemistry, flow chemistry, etc.), while also prompting the development of innovative hybrid reactors. Starting from lab scale procedures, scaling up studies enabled the set up of several  pilot scale processes toward industrial applications.

5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry 

Cravotto, G.; Cintas, P. Harnessing mechanochemical effects with ultrasound-induced reactions. Chem. Sci. 2012, 3, 295-307.

Cravotto, G.; Garella, D.; Tagliapietra, S.; Stolle, A.; Schüßler, S.; Leonhardt, S. E. S.; Ondruschka, B. Suzuki cross-couplings of (hetero)aryl chlorides in the solid-state. New. J. Chem. 2012, 36, 1304-1307.

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Cravotto, G.; Garella, D.; Carnaroglio, D.; Calcio Gaudino, E.; Rosati, O. Solvent-free chemoselective oxidation of thioethers and thiophenes by mechanical milling. Chem. Commun. 2012, 48 (95), 11632-11634.

Martina, K.; Rotolo, L.; Porcheddu, A.; Delogu, F.; Bysouth, S.R.; Cravotto, G.; Colacino, E. High Throughput Mechanochemistry: Application to Parallel Synthesis of Benzoxazines. Chem. Commun. 2018, 54(5), 551-554.

5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry

Cravotto, G.; Cintas, P. Power ultrasound in organic synthesis: moving cavitational chemistry from academia to innovative and large-scale applications. Chem. Soc. Rev. 2006, 35 (2), 180-196.

Carnaroglio, D.; Tabasso, S.; Kwasek, B.; Bogdal, D.; Calcio Gaudino, E.; Cravotto, G. From Biomass to bio-based Oligomers of Lactic - Glycolic Acids: a Gram-scale Microwave-assisted Protocol. ChemSusChem 2015, 8(8), 1342-1349.

Martina, K.; Baricco, F.; Caporaso, M.; Berlier, G.; Cravotto, G.; “Cyclodextrin-grafted silica supported Pd nanoparticles: an efficient and versatile catalyst for ligand-free C-C coupling and hydrogenation” ChemCatChem. 2016, 8(6), 1176-1184.

Calcio Gaudino, E.; Tagliapietra, S.; Palmisano, G.; Martina, K.; Cravotto, G.; Microwave-assisted 4(3H)-quinazolinones green synthesis under CO pressure in γ-valerolactone and reusable Pd/β-cyclodextrin cross-linked catalyst. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2017, 5(10), 9233–9243.

Grillo, G.; Boffa, L., Binello, B.; Mantegna, S.; Cravotto, G.; Chemat, F.; Dizhbite, T.; Lauberte, L.; Telysheva, G. Cocoa bean shell waste valorisation; extraction from lab to pilot scale cavitational reactors. Food Research International 2019, 115, 200-208.

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