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Novosibirsk State University, Chair of Solid State Chemistry

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Professor, Head of the Chair



Ul. Pirogova, 2, Novosibirsk, 630090 Russian Federation



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Key words 


·       pharmaceuticals

·       polymorphs


·       mechanism

·       co-crystals


·       amorphization



Areas of Research/Expertise

I belong to the scientific school of professor Vladimir Boldyrev, who was the founding president of the International Mechanochemical Asscociation. I am involved in mechanochemical research since many years. My main interest is in elucidating the mechanisms of the mechanochemical transformations. We compare the results of ex situ and in situ experiments, study the role of fluid phases, control polymorphism and polyamorphism. We compare different devices and different protocols of treatment. The effects of impact, shear, pressure, cleavage, milling combined with photoirradiation, cryogenic treatment are studied. We study the role of additives, gasses, humidity, solvents, etc. Mechanochemistry of organic and inorganic compounds is compared.Our main systems of interest are pharmaceuticals, organic and coordination compounds, co-crystals, mechanocomposites, also cleavage of inorganic salts and reactions at the crack tip. High-pressure research is a special topic. We are also deeply involved in studying and controlling mixing.


Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry

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Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry

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