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Dept of Chemistry Univ of Bologna

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Full Professor



Via F. Selmi 2 – 40126 Bologna - Italy



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Key words 


 Chirality in the solid state

 Co-crystals antibacterial



Areas of Research/Expertise 

Utilization of mechanochemical methods (manual grinding and ball milling) to prepare co-crystals and coordination compounds for applications as fertilizers, nutrients and/or inhibitors (of urease, for example)  and antimicrobial agents (in the quest for new antibiotics or enhanced activity of known anticbiotics) and their characterization by solid state methods. Work in collaboration with microbiologists and biochemists to evaluate performance.

5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry

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5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry 

1.   Shemchuk O.; Braga D.; Grepioni F., Ionic Cocrystals of Levodopa and Its Biological Precursors l-Tyrosine and l-Phenylalanine with LiCl, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2019, 19, pp. 6560 – 6565

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5.   Braga, Dario; Grepioni, Fabrizia; Maini, Lucia; D'Agostino, Simone, Making crystals with a purpose; A journey in crystal engineering at the University of Bologna,

«IUCRJ», 2017, 4, pp. 369 - 379

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