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“Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy, Dept. of Analytical Chemistry

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4, Pasteur Street, 400021 Cluj-Napoca, Romania



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 My research interests are in bioelectrochemistry, electrochemical and optical sensors,

sensors design, nanomaterials and biomimetic recognition elements,

organic electrosynthesis, spectral studies, hyphanted techniques, electrodriven techniques, redox pathways of molecules degradations, selection and characterization of aptamers for sensing purposes, synthesis and characterization of molecularly imprinted polymers, use fo conductive polymers in sensors integration, apta and immunosensors.


5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry

Cecilia Victoria Cristea, Claude Moinet, Maria Jitaru, Mircea Darabantu (2005) Electrosynthesis of the new (1 S, 2 S)-2-mino-1-(4-nitrophenyl) propane-1,3-diol derivatives, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 35(9), 845-849.

C.V. Cristea, C. Moinet, M. Jitaru, I.C. Popescu, Electrosynthesis of nitroso compounds from (1S,2S)-2-amino-1-(4-nitrophenyl)-propane-1,3-diol derivatives (2005) Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 35(9), 851-855.

Iuliu O. Marian, Nicolae Bonciocat, Cecilia Cristea, R. Săndulescu, Monica Bucşa, M. Vlassa (2010) Spectroelectrochemical study of 9-subsituted acridines with potential antitumor activity, Electroanalysis, 22 (5), 542–548.

Oana Hosu, Madalina M. Barsan, Cecilia Cristea, Robert Săndulescu,
Christopher M.A. Brett (2017) Nanocomposite hybrid materials based on CNT and redox polymer synthesized in deep eutectic solvents as new sensing platforms, Microchimica Acta 184, 3919–3927.

O. Hosu, M.M. Barsan, C. Cristea, R. Sandulescu, Christopher M.A. Brett (2017) Nanostructured poly(methylene blue) films from deep eutectic solvents. Optimization and characterization, Electrochimica Acta 232, 285–295.

5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry (Format as in JACS: include all authors, title and DOI with hyperlink)

1.   Bogdan Feier, Adrian Blidar, Laurian Vlase, Cecilia Cristea (2019) The complex fingerprint of vancomycin by electrochemical and mass spectrometry analysis, Electrochemistry Communications, 104, 106474.

2.   Mihaela Tertis, Petrica Ionut Leva, Diana Bogdan, Maria Suciu, Florin Graur, Cecilia Cristea (2019)  A Highly Sensitive and Selective Label-free Aptasensing Platform for Electrochemical Detection of Interleukin-6 - Application in Colorectal Cancer Detection, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 137 123-132

3.   Alina Adumitrăchioaie, Mihaela Tertiș, Maria Suciu, Florin Graur, Cecilia Cristea (2019),  A novel immunosensor based on graphene-oxide/chitosan modified screen printed electrode for the detection of serotonin in various biological fluids, -Electrochimica acta, 31150-61

4.   Bianca Ciui, Mihaela Tertis, Claudia Feurdean, Aranka Ilea, Robert Sandulescu, Joseph Wang, Cecilia Cristea (2019) Non-invasive cavitas sensor for salivary monitoring of N-epsilon(Carboxymethyl)lysine, Sensors & Actuators 281, 399-407.

5.   Bianca Ciui, Mihaela Tertiş, Andreea Cernat, Robert Săndulescu, Joseph Wang, Cecilia Cristea 2018) Finger-based printed sensors integrated on a glove for on-site screening of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence factors, Analytical Chemistry, 90, 7761−7768.

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Primary focus in mechanochemical research 

·       Real-time reaction monitoring tools in situ like infrared, UV–visible, Raman spectroscopy and electrochemistry

·       Nanoparticles and molecular imprinted polymers  synthesis

·       Follow up the synthesis of pharmaceutical promisiong compounds

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